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       I have years of experience working with Twitch broadcasters, entertainers and influencers all across the globe. I have developed a skillset needed to work with existing brands or work with my clients with developing one from the ground-up. One of my most important core values is 'Professionalism for everyone'. No matter the size of your community and level of outreach or if you've just started streaming, I will always treat you with respect and honesty.



Twitch has been my home since its inception and spin-off from the popular Justin.tv. I have been watching Twitch since then and it will always have a place in my heart. Although I do at times work outside the boundaries of Twitch, it is my home arena.


Production have been a passion of mine for a long time. It started during the earliest days of Starcraft, where I would watch tournaments and get very intrigued by how they ran their production. This has stuck with me and encouraged me to take my design skills and apply them to livestreaming.


This is something truly important to me, I strive to always provide the most proper, effective and honest experience for all of my clients. I want them to feel that they're in good hands, I want them to be comfortable working with me and I want them to remember.

Take a moment and look at some of my most recent work


Peruse at your own leisure, I have worked with many great broadcasters, influencers, entertainers, companies and brands. Here you can find my most recent projects.



I have worked with a great variety of people the last few years


Streamers, influencers and entertainers contact me when they want something done right on Twitch. Whether it's branding, production, animation or general consulting - I've done it all.

In my list of clients you see everything between small up-and-comers, well-established streamers and even larger brands that are venturing into the Twitch scene. There is a lot of new people that want to 'Twitch', there is a lot of questions out there that needs answering and sometimes people just need advice from experienced people. Whether that is myself or other great designers and artists out there, just know the expertise is there for those who wants it.


Video production can be a fantastic addition to your broadcast


Back in the day, using videos in your broadcast were a struggle from beginning to end. Not only was it taxing on your streaming machine, it was also unintuitive and very few streaming softwares had native support for video playback. You either had to do funky screen/monitor capture, install third party plugins or both.

Nowadays playing a video in your broadcast is as easy as throwing up an image or a webcam. It's easy, fast, reliable and can up your production quality a great deal.

I prefer working with video since I have so much more control, variety and the options are almost limitless versus working with other popular methods such as CSS or HTML. Although these methods are fantastic in their own right and has other advantages that a video might not have.