Graphic Design & Video Production with years of experience.


     Growing up with a mother who painted beautiful oil paintings, drawing amazing characters and random scribbles, some of it seem to have stuck with me. This made me as a young kid want to draw as well so I started practicing it here and there. I remember at times impressing my young friends in class when we were supposed to draw animals or other similar things. Although I never practiced that much I could often trial-and-error myself till I had a good end-result. Whether that came from something beautiful within me or my stubborness to succeed, I couldn't really tell.

     In my young teens I picked up Photoshop on a whim and I've had it installed in some way on another on my PC since then, never truly stop playing around with it. Constantly trying to learn how to do something I saw on televsion, in a newspaper or magazine, anywhere I saw something interesting I wondered if I could replicate that in Photoshop.

     On occasions I couldn't replicate something in Photoshop, I found these things primarily watching TV, playing video games and watching livestreams on and This was video, animations and general video production, often seen during more professional broadcasts and also by YouTube professionals.

     As with most people I started with Windows Movie Maker, and moved on to Sony Vegas quickly thereafter once I realized how basic and limited WMM was. Shortly after that, being disappointed with Sony Vegas I found out an amazing toolset available in the Adobe Suite. After Effects and later Premiere.

     Now these are all part of my toolset that I use to prototype, develop, animate and produce what my clients ask me to.