Hello people, I'm Lorgarn, which is my Internet-handle I've used for many years. I'm currently 28 years old and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm a self-taught graphics designer and video producer, something I got interested in many years ago. As my interest kept rising I took it on myself to learn programs such as Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and some 3D-applications such as Modo & Blender. Besides that I'm actually an educated 'plumber' and 'cooling-technician'. However, those professions didn't interest me much and I started to focus on my graphical work instead.

So it pretty much started as a hobby but its now more or less my full-time job. I didn't start working with Twitch streamers and Youtubers however "for real" untill early 2014, before that the work I did most of everything to learn and for fun.

I would like to consider myself a creative person. I've taught myself playing many instruments such as drums, guitar (primarily), piano, etc. Also, my mother used to paint and draw a lot when I was a child and I guess it kind of stuck to me as well. I wouldn't say that I drew everyday, but it happened on a pretty semi-regular basis. So I guess it kind of helped me early on to develop this creative and 'artistic' mindset.