What is a commission?

A commission is where you hire me to use my expertise to help you take your live- and/or pre-produced content to the next level. I'll help you define and polish your already existing brand, or create one from the ground-up. Together we make it beautiful.

The process

To contact me you will need to use the contact form on my website, take this opportunity seriously as I get a very large amount of requests on a daily basis. I have far to many applications than I could possibly work through, which means I have to be very selective with which application I want to work with. So take some time explaining in an easy-to-read yet thorough format what exactly you're looking for. If possible pleasy provide examples either from my own portfolio or other art and content you like and might want me to look at for inspiration and reference.

Explain to me who you are, what you do and what you goals are with your online media, be it Twitch, Hitbox or Youtube. Now I couldn't possibly write back to each and everyone of you, so try to make your introductory request as interesting and intriguing as possible.

After an agreement between me and you has been had, I will get to work almost immediately unless specified otherwise. This agreement includes; A list of content for me to work on has been established, an estimated timeframe has been given and a final price has been agreed upon.