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       I have years of experience working with Twitch broadcasters, entertainers and influencers all across the globe. I have developed a skillset needed to work with existing brands or work with my clients with developing one from the ground-up. One of my most important core values is 'Professionalism for everyone'. No matter the size of your community and level of outreach or if you've just started streaming, I will always treat you with respect and honesty.



Twitch has been my home since its inception and spin-off from the popular Justin.tv. I have been watching Twitch since then and it will always have a place in my heart. Although I do at times work outside the boundaries of Twitch, it is my home arena.


Production have been a passion of mine for a long time. It started during the earliest days of Starcraft, where I would watch tournaments and get very intrigued by how they ran their production. This has stuck with me and encouraged me to take my design skills and apply them to livestreaming.


This is something truly important to me, I strive to always provide the most proper, effective and honest experience for all of my clients. I want them to feel that they're in good hands, I want them to be comfortable working with me and I want them to remember.