Client Testimonials

Lorgarn is one of the most talented people I have ever met. He strives to succeed in any task that is given to him. Any design work that he has done for me, has always been 10/10!
— Mishii86 (
Lorgarn is the easiest, and nicest artist I ever worked with. Hes one of the few artists that will listen to your idea, be 100% honest with you about the viability of creating it, and will work to bring you a product you will be happy with. My whole channel was remodeled, and in the end it was Lorgarn who came up with the best idea for it.
— Burke Black (
Using Lorgarn’s service was nothing but a joy, we both managed to know what each other was talking about with little effort. We would often fire ideas to each other to get the best result possible. Out of all the people I’ve worked with Lorgarn is by far the best. Quick with an excellent attention to detail, I would and I do recommend people use his service.
— Carrot (
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— Client #5
I’ve worked with Lorgarn on various projects over the last year and his work has always been amazing. Every design he has made for me has been incredible and unique. Wonderful creativity that helps evolve my ideas and brings the best out of all of my projects. I can’t recommend him enough. Lorgarn is always my first choice when I need something new. Always.
— King Radinov (
Clients have been contacted for testimonials.
— Client #6